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ID Card Equipment and Hardware, Supplies and Accessories and Software: AllStar Card Systems offers ID plastic card printers, personalization systems, card counting and smart card equipment for use in the production and management of —credit cards, membership/ loyalty cards, drivers licenses, e-passports, gift cards, access control and other personal identification and information storage cards, badges and documents -- carefully handpicked for the high standards, performance and quality demanded by our customers here in the U.S and across the globe

We are the online face of AllStar Industries, Inc. which has acquired some of the assets of Advanced Card Systems Inc. dba Sandia Imaging in 2009. in creating Sandia International at the forefront of the plastic card industry since the early 1990s.

Combining the development of innovative dye sublimation (thermal) secure card printers (SecuMind), Software for plastic card design, management and production (SecuSoft), and Equipment for the plastic card industry (EmperorTech), we set the stage for a one-stop shop resource for the card industry.

AllStar Card Systems supplies Government agencies as well as the public sector from its headquarters in the Dallas-Fort Worth area in North Texas, USA. the technology addresses the need for millions of driver licenses, facility passes, membership cards, national ID cards and Access control cards which are issued each year worldwide.

AllStar Card Systems is dedicated to providing customers with a full product range of affordable, high quality, reliable plastic card solutions utilizing state of the art technology. Providing full printer solutions for turnkey or design specific projects continues to position AllStar Card Systems as an innovative leader in the fraud-resistant ID card creation and printing


Associated with the Sandia Card Solutions plant in Pompano Beach, Florida, which provides plastic cards using state of the art printing technologies from offset to dye sublimation including digital printing, personalization with Contact and Contactless Smart Card, Mifare, HID & Magnetic Stripe encoding, Bar Codes, Scratch-off, holograms and security printing.

Specialized in high quality, quick turnaround (7 days or less) short runs, Sandia Card Solutions caters to the major markets in ID Badges, access control cards employee cards, health care insurance cards, intelligent Driving Licenses, Employment authorization cards, Permanent residence Cards, secure electronic benefits cards, prepaid vending cards, Students ID cards, Electronic Commerce, Data Access Control, Transportation and shipping Documentation, Voter registration ID, Biometrics Verification, Preferred Customer Programs, Loyalty Cards, Gift Cards, Immigration Control, ATM cards, etc.


AllStar Card Systems is a major supplier of Plastic Card Printers and a value added reseller for the following brands: Zebra and Advanced Card Systems SecuMind II dye-sublimation card printers. Sales and service are conducted from the Arlington location, with worldwide deliveries of equipment and consumables from the DFW International Airport, including parts and service.

Software attached to Card and Badges printing, personalization and card systems management are also offered, installed and supported by a team of experienced sales engineers, including the CardPresso technology and the SecuSoft cards and labels software.

There are no too large projects or too small applications for AllStar Card Systems when it comes to organizing ID card production, access control systems, biometrics-based solutions.

As a reseller and partner of many smart card based systems and solutions providers, AllStar Card Systems will design and build efficient and highly reliable card based solutions.


AllStar Card Systems addresses the security needs associated with access control and personnel management. Solutions have been developed with several access control hardware and software providers.

Combined with pre-printed cards, thermal printers and card personalization software, fingerprint capture, storage and matching, the biometric technologies can be deployed on any scale, reinforcing security and reducing fraud. AllStar Card Systems offers Visitors management systems and tamper-proof ID solutions.

Below are examples of some of the industries, markets and applications we cater to:


  • Agriculture/Mining
  • Automotive
  • Aviation
  • Construction
  • Education and Libraries
  • Emergency Services
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Manufacturing
  • Maritime
  • Postal/Parcel
  • Professional Services
  • Public Safety
  • Retail
  • Security
  • Transportation and Logistics
  • Utilities
  • Wholesale Trade


  • Access Control and Identification
  • Asset Tracking
  • Casino and Gambling Cards
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Construction
  • Direct Store Delivery
  • Drivers Licenses
  • Electronic Citation
  • Employee Badges
  • City State and Federal Badges
  • Field Service
  • Gym and Health Club Cards
  • Materials Management
  • Membership and Gift Cards
  • Merchandising
  • Payment Cards
  • Patient Safety
  • Point of Sale
  • RFID Encoding and Printing
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Terminal Operating Solutions
  • Time Management
  • Visitor Management