Bank Card Counters

Save time. Reduce counting errors. Make your branch more efficient.

Consider these three card counters (the EMP110C, EMP1200P & JC-3200A) for your "batch count", "instant card inssue" services. Count your ATM, debit, credit & other bank cards the quick, accurate & easy way.

EMP1100C Handheld Card counter

EMP1100C card counter offers the ease of use that comes with its handheld portability. It captures data in a single continous scan. In essence, eliminating hours of precessing time associated with hand counting your inventory of ATM, debit, credit cards and other bank cards.
  • Ergonomic and compact redesign packing power and reliability.
  • Data collection & data management with PC interface
  • Extended LCD operation menu enabling additional counting options
  • Wireless battery charging on stylish cradle
  • Reduced power consumption through advanced digital circuitry
  • Counting versatility – Most card substrates from 0.4 mm thick (15 mil)Cost-effective & durable performance
*The EMP1100C does not count clear or dark core plastic cards.
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emp 2100c handheld card counter

EMP1100C handheld card counter

EMP1200P Handheld Card counter

The EMP1200 automatic desktop card counter counts and conveniently dispenses preset card quantities. Optimal for both light and heavy duties, it can handle card of different thicknesses and materials at speeds of up to 600 cards per minute. Like all of our card counters it is built to save time, reduce counting errors - and help you be more efficient .
  • Two operating modes: accumulating mode and presetting mode(EMP-1200P)
  • Stepping motor control: Starts or stop counting at any time and clear the counting display
  • 4 digits nixie tube display: Under the normal mode and accumulating mode, the maximal quantity of card-counting is 9999 while the maximal quantity of preset card-counting is 999under the presetting mode.
  • 4 operating keys: Reset (break/start) function increasing decreasing by degrees. Reset (break/start) and function are frequently used and the power supply controls the motor andthe circuit board are separate
  • Automatic sorting function
  • sorting cards is 220V AC while the motor for delivering cards is stepping motor
*The EMP1200P can count clear cards with a mag stripe, and dark core cards. Removable 500 cards capacity magazines.
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JC-3200A Handheld Card counter

Count even more cards with the JC3200A card counter with greater accuracy. Innovative "Air-jet technology" delivers a compressed concentrated flow of air that bathes, surrounds and separates each card. This improves the accuracy of the count; allows for a wider range of materials and thicknesses including cards as thin as 0.3mm.
  • Quick and accurate counting results
  • Easy card loading to card magazine
  • Cost-effective & durable performance
  • Custom/ OEM solutions and environmentally and user friendly operation
*The JC-3200 does not count clear or dark core plastic cards but can count many other materials in sheets.
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emp 2100c handheld card counter

Compare Card Counters

Here's a quick comparison of the EMP1100C , EMP1200P and JC-3200 A card counters.

  • JC1100C
  • Handheld portable card counter
  • The EMP1100C can be found in quality control (QC), shipping departments of card manufacturers and processors, instant card issurance and environments like banks and credit unions —and other areas cards have to be counted on the spot
  • 1-2000 cards single swipe capacity
  • Ergonomic design fits supports both right and left hand users comfortably
  • Wireless charging in convenient cradle
  • Li-on rechargeable battery with "Auto Shut Off" feature
  • Single and accumulation modes
  • Supports embossed cards and flat thermal transfer plastic
  • Lightweight (only 0.55lbs), shock and water resistant
  • Data recording/ management software
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  • EMP1200P
  • Automatic card counter
    Automatic ticket dispenser
  • The EMP1200 not only counts cards, it dispenses them as well. It's widely used by card manufacturers, banks, metros, and other card management centers—globally.
  • 600 cards per min. 36,000 cards/ hr
  • Compact, desktop / countertop auto-sorting convenience
  • 200-card top-loading input hopper
  • Count clear cards with magnetic stripe
  • Single, accumulation and user-selectable preset modes
  • Preset quantity counting & dispensing facilitates at-the-counter interactions in fast paced environments
  • Operator-friendly and accurate even for dirty or damaged cards and tickets
  • Count clear cards with a magnetic stripe, and dark core cards.
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  • JC-3200A
  • Automatic Tabletop/ DesktopCard counter
  • The JC-3200 compressed air jet feature makes it super-proficient at counting a wider variety of card materials and sizes
  • 200 cards per seconds
  • Advanced digital scan technology uses two independent calculation circuits automatically and acurately scan cards and verify the results scans
  • Auto-scan 0.28mm – 1.5mm un-embossed and embossed cards with circuitry-verification feature
  • Count full boxes of 500+ cards
  • Large LCD display with voice reporting
  • Counts multiplematerial types as thin as .33mm
  • Easy front loading to card Single and accumulation modes
  • Single and accumulation modes
  • Photo electric sensor and circulation
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Buy or Rent: How Would You Like to Pay?

For your convenience you can buy or rent your card counter. Below is a breakdown of your rental options depending on the card counter you choose .

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EMP1100 Card Counter

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Warranty, Service & Maintenance

Get full one-year warranty on all of our card counters— plus, FREE unlimited telephone support. Simply call (800) 290-0463 – x 105. For complete support terms & conditions visit our Counter Repair & Support page