Custom Plastic Card Printing for All Your Security Needs


It pays to be proactive in the protection of your customers, your business, and data, regardless of the focus of your operation. Keeping client personal information as well as financial and commercial intelligence safe and secure is a hot-button issue that draws plenty of attention each time a major database-breach or hacking story hits the news.

At Allstar Card Systems, we can give you defense against the loss of sensitive information through our custom plastic card printing. ID cards today carry much more than just a photo and a bit of biographical information; they are sources of wide-ranging data and, in the wrong hands, can provide a conduit to accessing vital company and customer details.


We use cutting edge technology for our custom credit card printing service, as well as all our other types of cards. In that way, you know you’re getting the most secure ID badges, debit cards, gift cards, loyalty and membership cards, hotel key cards, and whatever type you require.

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for information and support regarding custom card services. We are proud to serve customers of all sizes.

The cards you receive from us are data-proofed with advanced levels of security and functionality, which are highly resistant to data breaches and related attacks.

Whether you have a mom-and-pop grocery store looking for a non-secure card, or a large data processing center which needs a high-security solution in ID badges, we have the protection level and functionality you require. When you think of custom ID card printers, think of our company.