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EMP-1120 Handheld Passport Counter

The EMP-1100C is the newest affordable heavy-duty, shock proof, handheld passport counter from Em..

$2,520.00 Ex Tax: $2,520.00

EMP1100C Handheld Card Counter

The EMP1100C portable card counter accurately counts your credit , debit , ATM, gift , loyalty and a..

$1,430.00 Ex Tax: $1,430.00

EMP1200 Automatic Card Counter and Dispenser

The EMP1100C desktop card counter accurately counts up to 36,000 credit, debit, ATM, gift, loyalty ..

$2,475.00 Ex Tax: $2,475.00

JC-3200A Desktop Automatic Card Counter 220 or 110 vac

Automatic tabletop card counter counting cards placed on the swiveling tray/platen (500-1,000 capa..

$9,889.00 Ex Tax: $9,889.00

JC-3200C Desktop Automatic Card Counter Dual Technology 110 or 220 Vac

Automatic Table-Top Card counter counting thin cards ≤ 8 mil placed on the swiveling tray/platen (..

$10,945.00 Ex Tax: $10,945.00