ID Card Laminators

Laminators have the added capability of reinforcing the security and durability of your cards. They not only protect your cards from fading but also from dye migration. Both single and dual sided printers can be upgraded to add an ID card laminator. You can choose any of the following flexible options for your laminating printer.

  • Lamination to extend the shelf life of your cards
  • Magnetic and smart card encoding options
  • Direct to card (DTC) or reverse transfer print technology
  • Monchrome or full color

For added security from forgery, you can choose between:

  • Clear versus holographic laminate: Clear lamination is considered the standard  options and handles thickness levels 0.6 -+ 1.0 mil. Holographic lamination lends more security. The hologram on each card is hard if not impossible to duplicate and can be customized.  custom cards offer even more security as they are unique to you
  • Patch versus overlay laminate: Patch as the word implies does not cover the full breadth of the card . But the lamination is thicker and therefore more durable. On the other hand overlay laminates are thinner and consequently less durable
Give your cards and badges a professional look and feel. try one of our laminating machines today. 
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SECUMIND CL-500 Card laminator USB inline CX120 & CX330 110 vac

Single-side card laminator - can laminate both sides of the card when connected to a CX-120, and v..

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