SMART Card Readers

SMART Card Readers
Shop card readers, writers and encoders that help accurately read and write on the tracks of your credit cards, ATM and other bank cards, IDs and drivers licenses, transportation tickets, money and  gift cards, grocery and club cards and and membership cards and other plastic cards. Use card readers, writers and card encoders for your low and/ or high coercivity requirements on applications from point of sale transactions and access control to self -service applications. 
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ACR39U-H1 Smart Card Reader

ACR39U-H1 is a smart card reader that enables upright insertion of smart cards, making it convenient..

$0.00 Ex Tax: $0.00

ACR39U-I1 Smart Card Reader

With the rapid growth of technology comes increases in electronic data theft. This emphasizes the ne..

$19.99 Ex Tax: $19.99

ACR123S Intelligent Contactless Reader

The ACR123U is the USB version of the ACR123S, a cost-effective, flexible, and intelligent..

$282.00 Ex Tax: $282.00

ACR1251T USB Token NFC Reader II

The ACR1251T is the token version of ACR1251U USB NFC Reader II. ACR1251T offers advanced features s..

$62.00 Ex Tax: $62.00

ACR1252U USB NFC Reader III (NFC Forum Certified Reader)

The ACR1252U USB NFC Reader III is an NFC Forum-certified PC-linked reader, developed base..

$68.00 Ex Tax: $68.00

ACR1281U-C2 Card UID Reader

ACR1281U-C2 Card UID Reader is a contactless card reader that automatically and efficiently gets the..

$62.00 Ex Tax: $62.00

ACR39T-A1 SIM-size Smart Card Reader (USB Type-A)

ACR39T-A1 brings new and modern technology to the world of smart card readers. This SIM-sized s..

$25.00 Ex Tax: $25.00

ACR39U Smart Card Reader

Specifically designed to cater to the US market, ACR39U is an FIPS 201-compliant contact smart ca..

$15.00 Ex Tax: $15.00

ACR39U-N1 PocketMate II Smart Card Reader (USB Type-A)

ACR39U PocketMate II is a portable smart card reader that is more than meets the eye. The swivel-..

$15.00 Ex Tax: $15.00

ACR39U-NF PocketMate II Smart Card Reader (USB Type-C)

ACR39 PocketMate II with USB Type C Connector represents an ACS new paradigm.No larger than a USB..

$15.00 Ex Tax: $15.00

ACR39U-UF Smart Card Reader

ACR39U-UF Smart Card Reader is one of ACS's latest products addressing the evolution of USB stand..

$15.00 Ex Tax: $15.00

Magtek Dynamag - USB magnetic stripe swipe card reader

The USB (Universal Serial Bus) Keyboard Emulation Swipe Reader is a compact magnetic stripe card ..

$58.00 Ex Tax: $58.00